Two coalitions unite

Alison and Katherine

Oregon Immunization Program’s two coalitions— the Oregon Adult Immunization Coalition (OAIC) and the Oregon Partnership to Immunize Children (OPIC) —are merging into one. The new lifespan coalition, yet to be named, will continue to engage partners in meaningful projects to promote immunization in Oregon. Alison Alexander and Katherine McGuiness (coordinators for OAIC and OPIC respectively) will team up to lead the coalition.

“One lifespan coalition will be more efficient,” says Alison. “We won’t be duplicating work and members can be more meaningfully involved.” She believes the coalition will be able to do even more projects geared toward adults like Free, Local and Underserved (FLU) that works with nursing and pharmacy students to provide adult immunizations for those who can’t afford them.

Katherine is looking forward to involving a wide-range of members to the new coalition including people who may not be currently associated with the immunization world, such as representatives from non-profit organizations that work on health issues as well as the community-at-large. “Our new structure will allow people from different walks of life to be involved in different levels,” she says. “We will have subcommittees that people can join, depending on their interest. Anyone is welcome; we’re interested in hearing what coalition members would like to work on.”

The new lifespan coalition will continue with the more popular projects that OAIC and OPIC have sponsored in the past, such as the Round Tables and annual Flu Summit. Alison and Katherine think the entire coalition membership will meet three or four times a year, with a core executive committee meeting every two or three months. The first meeting of the merged coalition is January 29th

For more information, please contact Alison Alexander (971-673-0472 , or Katherine McGuiness (971-673-0285,

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  1. This web-blog is a great example of how public health ends up dominated by the crudest vaccine pushing.