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States across the country are starting to adopt the Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) model that Oregon was the first to implement in 2012. A CCO is a network of all types of health care providers that work together in their local communities for people to receive health care coverage under the Oregon Health Plan. The goal of this model is to make quality care accessible, eliminate health disparities, and control costs for the populations CCO’s serve. To reach this aim, Oregon has 16 CCO’s that are required to report on eighteen health care quality measures that are in incentivized. One of these eighteen incentivized measures include Adolescent Well Child visits. Yamhill CCO (YCCO) is finding a creative way to meet this measure, as well as other preventative health measures, all in one night.

YCCO partnered with three local health clinics to host Teen SWAG Night. Teen SWAG Night was designed to increase Adolescent Well Child visits and improve adolescent immunization rates. This model guides patients through an interactive, passport style, well child visit by breaking the appointment into stations. Stations include: check-in, eye check, height, weight, blood pressure, games, food and the last station is the one-on-one doctors visit lasting fifteen minutes. This style optimizes the number of patients that can be seen during the four hour event while at the same time keeping patients engaged and satisfied with their visit.

Clinicians that partner with YCCO say, “SWAG night helps build a strong relationship with their patients through this engaging event, increases the chance a patient returns for another visit, and changes patients view about going to the doctor.” One clinician added that, “with strong coordination and partnership with their CCO this event creates no financial burden on the clinic and enhances the primary care delivery system.”

SWAG night proved to be a success — allowing approximately 145 patients to receive an Adolescent Well Child Visit in one evening. This innovative approach to well child visits helps to meet health care quality measures, improve immunization rates and helps support attendance for visits throughout the lifespan for the population that the CCO serves.













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