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Too Many Styrofoam Coolers?

StyroDo you cringe every time you toss a used vaccine styrofoam cooler in the garbage?  Filling our garbage cans (and landfills) with so much foam is not only heartbreaking, it’s avoidable. Did you know there are recycling sites around Oregon that take these coolers? Let’s build on the great work done by “Home for Foam” and create an Oregon-specific list showing facilities willing to recycle or re-use our styrofoam coolers.


How about you? Do you know of any sites in your area accepting foam coolers? Let’s get creative; maybe there’s a local food pantry or meal delivery service that could that could use them. Or perhaps a local community center or school can use them for crafting. Send your reuse tips or recycling locations to and we’ll put a list together.


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